The winning concept - Volvo Optimised Service Plan

It is vital to reach the goal as quickly as possible, in every race. Without interruptions. Always at full capacity. For peak performance, it is important to plan depot stops. In the case of your Volvo truck, this planning is called the Volvo Optimised Service Plan - the simple and secure way of planning service. It is based on many years of experience from trucks in actual operation and is constantly being updated with new information. The service plan costs nothing - apart from a little of your time.

By creating a Volvo Optimised Service Plan for your truck, you are taking the first step towards more trouble-free kilometres. The next step is to sign a Volvo Service Agreement.

Volvo Optimised Service Plan

  • Exactly the maintenance that your truck needs - neither more nor less
  • Simple and secure service planning for your vehicle fleet
  • Simpler transport planning