Volvo FM MethaneDiesel

Volvo FM MethaneDiesel

Since the 1990s Volvo has been developing trucks that run on alternative fuels. In the 2010s this work is now resulting in trucks that not only create less environmental impact, they also carry out their haulage work with total dependability, good operating economy and virtually the same load-carrying capacity.

The FM MethaneDiesel is a sustainable and economical transport solution that, by using liquefied gas as a fuel, marks a huge stride in the development of the eco-optimised truck. Compared with “regular” gas-powered vehicles (which use an Otto-cycle engine with conventional spark plugs) the FM MethaneDiesel boasts energy efficiency which is 30 to 40 percent higher, contributing to fuel consumption that is about 25% lower than that of a gas vehicle with an Otto-cycle engine.
The operating range is unlimited since the FM MethaneDiesel can run on either gas or conventional diesel fuel. Under the engine compartment cover there is a 13-litre engine producing 460 horsepower. This is more than enough for even heavy transport assignments.

From the environmental viewpoint the FM MethaneDiesel is superior to conventional diesel trucks – carbon dioxide emissions are up to 70% lower when running on biogas.

The FM MethaneDiesel (which thus far is only built to order, for selected markets) has been primarily developed for regional distribution operations but it is also suitable for heavy local duties and, thanks to its ability to run on regular diesel fuel, also for long-haul operations.

For heavy construction duties, MethaneDiesel power is also available on the Volvo FMX.