Volvo FM MethaneDiesel

A high-performing, competitive vehicle – and a sustainable solution

The new Volvo FM MethaneDiesel represents a giant step forward in the field of gas-driven, commercial heavy vehicles. By utilising
liquefied gas in the diesel process, it enables longer and heavier transports – a unique quality for a gas truck.

In addition, this truck delivers 30–40% higher energy efficiency, resulting in about 25% lower fuel consumption compared with traditional gas vehicles. And, should gas not be available, it runs smoothly on diesel as well.

To your business, the methane-diesel truck offers flexibility, unique performance and competitive power – and enhanced environmental profile.

Regional distribution
GCW approval for 44 tonnes.
Will your trucks keep your business competitive tomorrow?
Two great challenges
Your company is probably well prepared to meet your customers’ future demands when it comes to truck capacity, power and performance. But are you equally prepared to meet the demands of coming environmental legislation and your customers’ expectations on environmental care and sustainability?
Here, the Volvo FM MethaneDiesel could well be the answer.

Unlike all other gas-driven trucks
The Volvo MethaneDiesel is a 13-litre (460 hp) truck with an explicit environmental profile, developed primarily for regional distribution.
But, as opposed to conventional gas trucks, it has the ability to
perform also long-haul transports in a cost-effective manner.

Secure uptime!
The qualities of the new Volvo FM MethaneDiesel will add unique flexibility to your truck fleet since each truck will offer a substantially larger range of operation compared with traditional gas vehicles. Its unique ability to run on diesel only, if gas supply temporarily is a problem, will add further to its flexibility – and your company’s
capability to secure maximum uptime from your trucks.

The Volvo methane-diesel

The Volvo methane-diesel principle
Injection of gas into the cylinder by multipoint gas injection system installed in the injector plate
A smarter, more effective engine
By using a diesel engine instead of the spark-ignited Otto engine traditionally used in gas trucks, we have increased the energy efficiency by 30–40%. Compared with the Otto engine, fuel consumption is reduced by circa 25%.
The Volvo methane-diesel principle enables heavy-duty diesel engines to operate substantially on natural gas or biogas. On a regional or long-haul route, this means up to 75% gas and 25% diesel. With the basic diesel engine fully intact, retaining its original energy efficiency, the truck is able to run entirely on diesel at
any time.
Less fuel, less emissions
In addition to the probably lower fuel costs, the exchange from diesel to methane gas also means an obvious reduction of the CO₂ emissions compared with regular diesel engines – up to 70% with biogas.

25% less fuel

25% lower fuel consumption compared with a gas Otto engine.

Alternative power sources.

Getting down to business
Investing in a Volvo FM MethaneDiesel will benefit your company’s environmental image. But it will also add competitiveness, performance and flexibility to your business. This investment has potential to be profitable within 3-5 years. Transport companies worldwide agree that a pronounced environmental profile will be increasingly important for generating business. The Volvo FM MethaneDiesel might well be your option for meeting tomorrow’s demands – your customers’ as well as your personnel’s.

Also available as Volvo FMX
The Volvo MethaneDiesel truck is available also in the Volvo FMX version.
Volvo FMX MethaneDiesel
The 13-litres methane-diesel engine
Technical facts for Volvo FM MethaneDiesel
D13C-Gas 460 hp
No. of cylinders 6
Displacement 12.8 dm3
Stroke 158 mm
Bore 131 mm
Compression ratio 17.8:1
Max output at 1400-1850 r/min 338 kW
Max torque at 1100-1400 r/min 2300 Nm
Economy rev range 1100-1500 r/min
Exhaust braking effect (2300 r/min) 185 kW
Effect – VEB+ (2300 r/min) 375 kW
VEB+ available as an option on all
D13C-Gas engines
Oil filters, 2 full-flow, 1 bypass
Oil change volume, incl. filters approx. 33 l
Cooling system, total volume approx. 38 l
I-Shift AT2412D. 12-speed with direct top gear, splitter and range-change transmission with automatic gearchanging system. Dimensioned for engine torque of 2400 Nm and general GCW approval for 44 tonnes.
I-Shift can be equipped from the factory with a power take-off,  emergency power steering
pump and oil cooler.
I-Shift AT2412D for MethaneDiesel
Fuel tanks  

Tank systems
LNG/LBG tank: 280 litres (left side)
Diesel tanks: 150, 240 or 330 litres (right side)

* LNG, Liquefied Natural Gas (-161°C), LBG Liquefied Bio Gas

Rear axle
RSS1344C – Solo axle with single reduction of hypoid type. Max. torque 2600 Nm. Max. axle load 13 tonnes. Max. gross combination weight 44 tonnes. Ratios, choice of 8: 2.64, 2.85, 3.08, 3.36, 3.70, 4.11, 4.63, 5.29.

RS1356SV – Solo axle with single reduction of hypoid type. Max. torque 2400/2800 Nm. Max. axle load 13 tonnes. Max. gross combination weight 56/44 tonnes.
Ratios, choice of 5: 2.50, 2.79, 3.10, 3.44, 3.67.

RSS1360 – Solo axle with hub reduction of hypoid type. Max torque 3150 Nm. Max axle load 13 tonnes. Max gross combination weight 60 tonnes. Ratios: Choice of 7: 2.47, 2.64, 2.85, 3.08, 3.40, 3.67, 4.11.

Two variants for Volvo FM: CHH-MED (900 mm) and CHH-STD (1000-1200 mm).

Sleeper cab for Volvo FM MetahenDiesel

Globetrotter cab for Volvo FM MetahenDiesel

Sleeper cab L2H1

Globetrotter cab L2H2