The new Volvo FM

A more relaxed workday.
Whether you’re in the truck or at the office.

A reliable money-maker, designed for efficient on-road transports, whatever your application. Equipped with new, groundbreaking features for exceptional driveability and a more comfortable workday.

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Top 10 Stories

1 DESIGN Designer Jonas Sandström explains how a friendly looking truck can improve our lives.  6 AXLE LOAD How would your operation use an extra tonne of capacity on the new stronger axles? 
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2 STEERING Volvo Dynamic Steering: “What I-Shift did for gearboxes, this will do for steering.”  7 LOWER WEIGHT “Everybody is talking weight gain, we’re losing 75 kilos.” 
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3 HANDLING New geometry and upgraded suspension bring car-like handling qualities.  8 WORKPLACE Your office on wheels with clean design, better storage and more room to move around. 
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4 FUEL Read about the Euro 6 compliant drivelines plus two smart ways to save fuel.  9 REMOTE CONTROL To save your legs from climbing in and out so much, let your fingers do the loading. 
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5 FLEXIBILITY The truck with countless opportunities to become exactly what you need.  10 UPTIME A golden promise to keep your Volvo FM up and running – and the technology to keep it. 

Fuel deal package

Saving money making money

The new Volvo FM is quality built to keep you on the road. The new TGW (Telematics Gateway) adds to this by putting the truck in wireless contact with the workshop. Efficient engines and I-Shift make for great fuel economy, and several smart features such as Tandem Axle Lift, I-See and Fuel Advice allow you to cut your fuel costs even further.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Perfect handling and Volvo Dynamic Steering

Based on the same chassis platform as the new Volvo FH, the new Volvo FM offers handling characteristics above the ordinary. And with the groundbreaking Volvo Dynamic Steering – now available for all axle configurations – you’ll enjoy effortless control at low speeds and perfect stability at high speeds. Furthermore, the responsive engines and I-Shift make for outstanding driveability.

Volvo FM applications

Whatever you want it to be

Volvo FM comes in a multitude of different configurations, including the new five-axle 10×4. Numerous specification options allow you to tailor to your exact requirements, and the chassis has been designed for quick and easy bodybuilding. Thanks to this flexibility you can always get a Volvo FM that’s perfectly prepared for your application.

Work Remote, My Truck and SID

Modern technology at your fingertips

The new Volvo FM is designed to make the driver’s job easier and more comfortable. The dashboard features a new instrument cluster and a new, high-end secondary information display, with all controls within easy reach. The wireless Work Remote allows for easy load handling. And if you want to check on your truck before you arrive – download the My Truck app.

Volvo FM headlights

A safer workplace than ever

Inside a Volvo FM cab, you’re well protected. The new cabs have been developed for maximum strength, and have been rigorously crash-tested. The driving position adds to this, by offering great ergonomics and perfect visibility. The risk of an accident is further reduced, thanks to the improved headlights, with optional dynamic headlights, and several smart active-safety systems.

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