Volvo FM
Volvo FM 480 10X4

The Volvo FM 480 10X4 Dump Truck

The Volvo FM has been described as “the art of efficiency”, and rightly so. Apart from the engines being highly fuel-efficient, the in-cab comfort is enjoyable that the driver can concentrate fully on the task of running the truck – and that entails efficient driving. The super comfortable cab environment and the driveline work together to produce a spectacular driving experience in a truck that can truly do any job you ask. The Volvo FM Dump Truck takes productivity and efficiency to a new level and we recommend it for deep mining applications where balancing productivity and efficiency has always been a challenge.

Volvo FM D13C

Choose your power

This Volvo FM Dump Truck features a powerful D13A 480 engine featuring the latest technology, four valves per cylinder and entronically controlled unit injectors. The D13A is a power machine that can carry heavy loads.


Power up with the best gearbox for you

With fully sychronised manual gear box, you’ll have to look hard for a gear box that is faster and easier to use. Servo synchromesh and cable linkage mean a vibration-free gear lever and slick gear changes. The wide ratio span gives high starting traction while simultaneously ensuring that there are ample resources for high average speeds.

An enjoyable workplace

An enjoyable workplace

The Volvo FM Dump truck is not only a pleasure to own. It is also a pleasure to drive. Volvo FM L1EH1 cab offers a very high level of comfort with ideal driving position, anatomically designed seats, low noise level, high capacity climate control system and a world class safety level.


Buying a Volvo FM – the hows and whys

Find a dealer

Interested in buying a Volvo FM Dump Truck? Identifying your ultimate transport solution is best done by meeting up with someone dedicated to the whole process of buying and owning a Volvo Truck. Together you will finalise the specs, find the best financial deal as well as the most appropriate service agreements for once your truck is on a move.

The Volvo FM Dump Truck can be delivered with this configuration

Cabs Engines Transmissions Rear axles
Volvo FM cabs Volvo FM engines Volvo FM transmissions Volvo FM rear axles
Day cab
D13A (480 hp)
Manual gearbox
7.21:1 rear axle ratio with hub reduction and differential locks