Chassis safety

The Volvo FM Chassis has safety in-built.  In special cases where the demand exists (in segments such as petroleum) for special safety requirements, we offer even more.

Active cruise control keeps the distance
ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is an active cruise control system that makes it easy to blend in smoothly with the flow of traffic and maintain a safe distance to the vehicle in front. The system has been updated and now provides higher braking effect.

With ACC, the driver selects the time gap to the vehicle in front. The ACC system then keeps this time gap through automatic operation of the throttle and brakes.

ACC is available as an option on Volvo FM.

EBS electronically controlled fast-acting brakes
EBS (Electronically controlled Brake System) disc brakes offer distinct and well-balanced brake feel combined with heat-resistant disc installation and simple service. They are characterised by high braking effect, while electronic control results in immensely swift response with a short stopping distance.

EBS is available as an option on Volvo FM.