Volvo FM - Chassis Packaging 1

Chassis packaging

The Volvo FM can be built to suit the most varying transport tasks. The chassis is available in different heights, suspension system types, braking systems and with a choice of accessories.
This ensures there is always a specification that suits your company, regardless of whether you are transporting bulk goods on the motorway or have body equipment that puts more specific demands on the chassis.

There are four different chassis heights for tractors:

  •  X-Low
  •  Low
  •  Medium
  •  High

And three heights for rigids:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The X-low and low chassis are intended for transports on good roads with all-round air suspension. Medium suits trucks with low front axles in combination with either front leaf or front air suspension. High is intended for transports on bad roads and for trucks with leaf suspension.