100% Renewed

To put new energy into the game exhausted players have to be replaced. The very same principle applies for your truck. Worn-out parts must be replaced in good time so as not to jeopardise driveability, safety and transport economy.

If you want to be certain of a 100 % renewed truck – always choose Genuine Volvo Parts. And if you want to do some extra good for your wallet and the environment, Volvo Exchange System should be your first choice.

Sustainable quality
Genuine Volvo Parts represent unbeatable function and quality down to the smallest detail. That is why they can be recreated to their original condition despite having covered many miles of tough use.
What makes the Volvo Exchange System unique is that the parts are remanufactured where they were originally produced to begin with. This remanufacturing process is carried out so thoroughly that they always meet the very same quality standards as for brand-new components. So of course they also come with the same warranties.

What is more, exchange units are always upgraded to the latest version. This means that an exchange unit is always as good as – or better than – the component it replaces.

Care for the environment
When you replace an old Genuine Volvo Part with a Volvo Exchange unit, you do both the environment and yourself a big favour.
By reusing parts we can save energy, reduce the consumption of valuable materials and cut emissions of carbon dioxide.

What happens in the factory?
In order to ensure the same quality standard as for a brand new part, all incoming parts undergo meticulous renovation in our factories. Here, for instance, is what happens with your old turbocharger:

  • The turbocharger is dismantled and cleaned before its various components are inspected. Certain parts are sand-blasted and cleaned in a high-pressure wash.
  • All bearings, seals and attachments are replaced with new parts.
  • The compressor wheel is cleaned, measured, balanced and inspected in a special machine.
  • The turbo housing is checked for signs of cracks and fatigue.
  • Damaged parts are replaced with new Genuine Volvo Parts.

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