Volvo Lubricants
Volvo Lubricants
Volvo lubricants are a guarantee for maintaining your truck’s performance and good overall economy. They are specially tested for Volvo Trucks and therefore meet the strictest requirements for safety and quality.

Never compromise
When you buy lubricants you should be just as demanding as when you bought your truck. Volvo has its own quality norms, VDS (Volvo Drain Specifications), when it comes to lubrication products. One of the reasons is that Volvo has extremely precise knowledge of all the material used in its various components that comes into contact with the lubricants.

This means that Volvo’s Lubrication products do not contain any additives that can harm Volvo’s components. Ensure optimum vehicle condition and performance with right lubricants and oils.

Wide range of Volvo Genuine Lubricants products
Whichever lubricant you need for your truck, you’ll find it in Volvo’s wide range of lubricant products. We have all the oils and greases that your truck normally needs, as well as a number of special lubricants that are only required in certain conditions. Let your truck remain a Volvo – down to the very last drop. 

Advantages of Volvo Lubricants
  • Optimum lubrication for your entire truck
  • Lower fuel costs thanks to lower friction and low power losses
  • Long service intervals
  • Full range of products which meet all the needs and expectations
Suggestion for optimum lubrication
  • Change oils and filters including the air filter – according to the recommendations by Volvo Trucks
  • Don't economise on oil quality to save a few dollars – it’ll end up costing you more in the long run
  • Make sure to always maintain the correct oil and fluid levels.

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