Reliable in the deepest forest

Logging is by some measures a dangerous occupation and requires safe, durable, reliable, versatile and powerful truck to suit the rough road condition. Loggers work with heavy, moving weights and the use of tools such as chainsaws and heavy equipment on uneven and sometimes unstable terrain and they need to deal with severe environmental conditions such as inclement weather and severe heat and to carry heavy load. The Volvo FM truck are tailored made with powerful driveline, robust chassis and first-class comfort to suit the logging operations.

The vehicles are defined by:

  • Special chassis with high ground clearance
  • Steel bumper and guard plate protecting the engine
  • Many axle configurations including all-wheel drive and twin front axles
  • Alternative T-ride or B-ride bogie
  • Up to 480hp and 2400NM (6x4 configuration) for Volvo FM