Volvo Remanufactured Parts

The Volvo Reman Program cuts costs, not corners.

Whether you're getting an engine or an oil pump, you can be sure every Volvo Reman component is remanufactured to exact OEM/Service specs. The result? Better performance, increased reliability and longer life.

Reman Quality Systems

Volvo Quality System

The Volvo Quality System is registered to the high standards of ISO 9001-2000. Our adherence to a recognized international quality management system provides one of the strongest assurances of product quality available. 

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Acrobat PDF Document REMAN Basic Engine Hotsheet
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Reman Quality Control

Stringent Quality Control

Before a part is remanufactured, it undergoes a stringent quality control process. We work closely with Volvo engineers and all suppliers to ensure that our remanufactured parts meet the strictest tolerances.

Reman Cylinder Heads

Longer Life. Top Performance.
More Uptime.

When it comes to remanufactured cylinder heads, only Volvo Reman Cylinder Heads are designed specifically to work with your Volvo truck. Our Volvo Reman Cylinder Heads are ready right out of the box, complete with valves, valve guide seals, heavy-duty springs, rotators and keepers to provide peak performance and
maximum uptime.

  • Remanufactured in North America by certified Volvo Reman technicians.
  • Produced following extensive processes that include:
    • Electromagnetic crack detection and other precision technology.
    • Valves and valve seats inspected and machined.
    • All valve guides and rotators replaced with100% new parts.
    • Engineering improvements applied during remanufacturing process.
    • Multiple detailed inspections to assure quality.
  • Backed by a 100% parts and labor warranty for 1 year / unlimited miles when installed by an authorized Volvo dealer.

Contact your local Volvo dealer to purchase Volvo Reman Cylinder Heads that offer the premium quality and reliability you and your truck deserve.

Acrobat PDF Document  REMAN Cylinder Head Hotsheet