Volvo Power keeps your business moving forward in 2014 with the most fuel-efficient engines we’ve ever built. Our 2014 Volvo GHG-certified (Greenhouse Gas) engines provide up to 3% better fuel efficiency compared to their 2013 counterparts.

Professionals like you demand more value than ever from your trucks. Volvo is delivering that value by optimizing engine efficiency through improved fuel atomization, less internal friction, and reduced engine load from the air compressor. All of which adds up to better fuel efficiency and a healthier bottom line.

Choosing the right Volvo powertrain—engine, transmission and rear axle—can save quite a bit of money and time over the long haul. This is an important part of your truck investment, and while you’ll want to invest some quality time in the specing process, we’ll make it easy to come to the best Volvo powertrain decision.

From our advanced engines to our innovative I-Shift transmissions, Volvo gives you the solutions you need for today,  tomorrow and way down the road. You’ll find valuable powertrain information here on our site. And lots more at your nearby Volvo dealership.