Volvo FH

The new leader in long haul. For unparalleled driver comfort and operating economy.

Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13A: 400, 440, 480, 520 hp
D16C: 550, 610 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL cab
The new Volvo FH series

The new Volvo FH series is here

A truck designed with the driver in focus, filled with groundbreaking features that make for profitable transports. Mile after mile. Year after year.

Whether you’re a truck driver, a transport operator or both – this is the truck to love.

Discover all the key features and how they will benefit your work.

New Volvo FH engine

Volvo diesel engines. Big on torque. Small on fuel.

Great driveability and low fuel consumption. These are the characteristics of Volvo diesel engines. Choose from six different 13- and 16-litre engines, with power ratings from 400 to 610 hp.

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I-Shift gearbox

I-Shift. The world's smartest gearbox.

I-Shift is hard to beat when it comes to eco-driving. The precise gearshifts and intelligent software makes your fuel economy improve significantly.

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New Volvo FH cab interior

Globetrotter reinvented.

Plenty of space. And loads of new features. When we designed the new cabs, we didn't settle for minor adjustments. We set out to design the perfect driver's environment. For both work and rest.

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Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering.
Total control without strain.

Control your truck with perfect precision and drastically reduced strain on your muscles. It has been called the biggest invention since power steering. And it’s easy to see why.

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Work Remote

Precise load handling. From wherever.

ECS4 is the latest version of Volvo’s electronical suspension system. The biggest news? A wireless remote.

Learn more about ECS4 and the Work Remote

I-Shift gearbox

I-Shift. Forget the gearbox. Just drive.

Let go of the gearstick and let I-Shift do the shifting. Every gearshift is carried out quickly and precisely. It's quite simply a pleasure to drive.

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FH cab exterior crash tested

The safest place to be.

Inside a Volvo, you're well protected. The new cabs are Volvo's strongest so far, and have all passed the toughest crash tests in the world.

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Volvo driver support systems

Driver support systems.
Because accidents can be avoided.

The forefront of safety is Volvo’s home ground. Our advanced driver support systems efficiently helps the driver avoid accidents.

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New FH rear-view mirrors

New mirrors. Revealing more.

Redesigned aerodynamic mirrors, rear-view cameras and the new upright A-pillars provide visibility you’ve never seen before.

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New FH headlights

Improved headlights. Any direction you go.

The more you see, the safer you are. That's why the new Volvo FH features an improved main beam, enhanced static cornering lights and – for the first time on a truck – dynamic headlights.

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New FH instrument cluster

Better instruments. Less distractions.

The new and modern instrument cluster is designed with the driver in focus, and all information in the right place.

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Buying a new Volvo FH – the hows and whys

Find your dealer

Interested in buying a new Volvo FH? Identifying your ultimate transport solution is best done by meeting up with someone dedicated to the whole process of buying and owning a Volvo Truck. Together you will finalise the specs, find the best financial deal as well as the most appropriate service agreements for once your truck is on the road.

The new Volvo FH can be delivered with these configurations

Cabs Engines Transmissions Rear axles
Volvo FH cabs Volvo FH engines Volvo FH transmissions Volvo FH rear axles
Globetrotter XL cab
Globetrotter cab
Sleeper cab
D13A (400, 440, 480 or 520 hp)

D16C (550 or 610 hp)
Manual gearbox
Single reduction (GCW approval: 44–70 tonnes)

Hub reduction (GCW approval: 70–120 tonnes)