volvo euro4 and euro 5 incentive

Volvo’s solution for Euro 4 & 5 incentive

Volvo has chosen SCR technology to meet the new Euro 4 and Euro 5 exhaust incentive emissions standards - just like the vast majority of western European heavy truck manufacturers have done.

In order to meet the new emissions requirements that are being introduced in Europe in 2006 (Euro 4) and 2009 (Euro 5) new solutions are going to be required for diesel engines, combustion processes and exhaust after-treatment techniques.

Volvo is at the very forefront as regards the development of exhaust reducing techniques. Our solution for meeting the Euro 4 and Euro 5 incentive requirements is diesel engines with even more efficient combustion, along with after-treatment of exhaust gases using the AdBlue additive and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

Volvo SCR technology benefits:

  • SCR has a secure future and therefore represents a secure investment, as this technology has the potential for Euro 5 and beyond.
  • SCR works Europe-wide and is considerably less sensitive to poor diesel quality than competing technologies.
  • The SCR system requires only minor maintenance and is designed for the entire lifespan of the vehicle.
  • SCR technology has no effect on the service and oil-change intervals of the vehicles to which it is fitted.
  • SCR technology is suitable for high power outputs. It is not necessary to supplement the engine's lubrication or cooling system, for instance, which may be the case with other technologies.
  • SCR ensures the most fuel-efficient solution among the techniques available for Euro 4 and Euro 5.