Your own fuel coach for as little as €20 per month
– this is Fuel Advice

Many transport operators see important fuel savings in combination with driver training – but find it difficult to sustain them. To carry on saving fuel month after month requires continuous feedback and coaching. This has required a big investment – up until now. Fuel Advice is a new, subscription based service that combines the latest resources with access to a fuel advisor. This means operators can afford regular fuel coaching for as few or as many vehicles they like – sustaining their fuel savings indefinitely.

“The combination of Dynafleet and a specialised fuel advisor from Volvo is perfect.’’
“It allows us to concentrate our efforts where they are needed to achieve the optimal results. We’ve found that having one dedicated person on our team to work with this assures the best follow up for drivers and the best results. We believe we can achieve great economic and environmental benefits with Fuel Advice.’’

Gitle Sande is Managing Director of Magnus Nistad Transport in Norway – one of the first customers to use Fuel Advice.

Once drivers have grasped the necessary fuel saving techniques, the key to long term savings lies in systematic follow-up. This is where Fuel Advice comes in with personal analysis in the form of a report for each vehicle with a subscription. To make it work the operator needs to appoint a Fuel Champion: somebody who can review the reports from Fuel Advice and pass on the feedback to the relevant drivers. If the operator gets stuck at any point, the same Volvo expert who wrote the reports can be reached for further support.

Fuel Advice Service

The new service consists of three parts: Fuel Coaching, a Fuel Management Toolbox and Fuel Management Support. Of course, Dynafleet Fuel & Environment is a precondition for gathering the data in the first place.

Every Drop Counts

Continual analysis of individual driver performance is the core of the service. By following up on driving techniques such as speed adaptation, engine and gear utilisation or idling, benchmarks can be set and progress can be secured. Each month, expert advice is delivered in the form of electronic reports regarding the actions each driver needs to take. This way fuel saving skills are systematically being learned and sustained – safeguarding the operator’s fuel savings. For matters regarding urgent attention, the Fuel Advisor can send an alert message to the Fuel Champion at any time.

Fuel Advice analysis

You will receive fleet and group overviews as well as details on individual driver performance. Besides identifying areas in need of improvement, your fuel coach is always happy to answer your fuel saving questions.

The Fuel Management Toolbox is the Fuel Champion’s first forum for help and advice. It contains guides for how to motivate and work with drivers – and how to set and reach goals. It also includes templates and tools to help visualise results for everybody concerned. And as research uncovers new fuel saving insights they are shared in the toolbox.

If the Fuel Champion needs further help, Fuel Management Support can provide further explanation and answers to specific questions. This is where it can be particularly useful to speak to the same Volvo expert who analysed fuel performance and issued the advice.