The transmission that never stops thinking

I-Shift is Volvo's most advanced solution for changing gears. It combines the simplicity of an automatic transmission with the effciency of a perfectly automated 12-speed gearbox. This means additional comfort for the driver and a fuel saving of up to 7 percent for the operator. 

Firstly, it knows exactly how to get maximum performance out of each Volvo engine using in-depth knowledge about their unique characteristics. Secondly, it monitors the vehicle mass, its resistance including road inclination, speed and acceleration – then uses the data to predict and select the ultimate gear for optimal effciency. If needed, it even skips one or more gears.
Like the best driver in the world, it does this in real time. And it does it all the time. In this way I-Shift reduces fuel consumption by up to 7 percent compared with a manual gearbox.

Saving up to 2 percent fuel when in use, I-Roll uses the kinetic energy of the truck's motion to reduce fuel consumption when driving in top gear. On moderate hills it disengages the engine allowing the vehicle to roll out for longer distances, delaying the need to inject more fuel.

Weighing 70 kg less than its manual counterpart, the transmission itself increases the possible cargo weight of the truck, improving the economic opportunities in turn. Economy is also improved by the smooth shifting, which puts less stress on the driveline and tyres – extending the lifecycle of parts and minimising maintenance costs. And the fact that it makes less noise reduces wear and tear on the driver.

The fourth generation of I-Shift intelligent transmissions. 
every drop counts

“I-shift has convinced me 100 percent. All our Volvo trucks have I-shift since this saves fuel and offers increased driving comfort’’

Walter Husmann, W.Husmann Company, Switzerland

With a family of packages available, specialised programmes can be used to customise I-Shift for the special conditions in different transport areas. This is how I-Shift can optimise fuel ef?ciency for any type of ?eet. The Distribution & Construction programme, for instance, includes functions to facilitate starting and shunting. Heavy GCM optimises gear changing for weights above 60 tonnes while Long Haul Fuel & Economy optimises fuel consumption through cruising speed.

Volvo's AMT, or automated manual transmission, has been refined again and again to offer greater economy and more intelligent features to support the driver. It's a 12-speed, electronically controlled range-splitter gearbox offering a choice of manual or automatic gear shifting. Automatic has two settings: performance and economy.