ISIS Transport Solutions, Bristol

9.5mpg, The Results Speak For Themselves

ISIS Transport Solutions, Bristol

When 35% of your operating costs are attributed to fuel, it’s imperative your truck goes the extra mile. ISIS Transport Solutions deliver essential supplies and components to cruise ships all over Europe.

Every delivery is time-critical and built around a complex logistical operation, so even the smallest increase in mpg can make a real difference – “wherever our vehicles are, be it Spain, Italy or Greece we have to make sure we’re at the dock when the cruise ship arrives, we can’t be late.

As yet we’ve never failed, that’s partly due to the back-up we get from our Volvo Dealer and the vehicles we run. Nearly all of our Volvo’s are equipped with I-Shift, they’re completely reliable and deliver an average 9.5mpg.

The results speak for themselves – with these impressive mpg figures we’ll be changing all our vehicles to Volvo.”

If fuel economy, reliability and complete support are vital to your operation, then talk to your local Volvo Trucks Dealer. They will work with you to find better solutions to improve your bottom line.