If I had a workshop I'd close it

"Volvo has more dealerships than others and whether it's regular
planned servicing or something unexpected we know we can
leave that side of the business to them. They go the extra mile for
us which keeps our utilisation up and allows us to really focus on
our customers."

"We once had a truck break down in Belgium with a fuel filter problem. Volvo Action Service European coverage is included in our Gold Contract. It gives us total peace of mind. There is no need for me to take phone calls in the middle of the night as the responsibility for sorting the problem out is with the Volvo Dealer Network. I do not have to go through the procedure of sorting out the details of the account and the payment with the dealer before the repair can be completed. It is a huge, huge advantage. I can say that the Volvo's very seldom breakdown."

"What I find so rewarding is that I only have to pick up the phone to the Volvo dealer if there is a problem to know it will be sorted. Likewise, if there is a breakdown, they will call us to give progress reports but we know we can leave it to them. This allows us to focus on our customers."

"The reliability of our fleet is of interest to our customers as well. We are selling our service to them and they want to know what the reliability of our vehicles is and what cover we have in the event of a breakdown. Things happen and we need to give peace of mind to our customers."

"The standard of work at the Volvo dealership in Inverness is A1 and there is a quick turn-round. They really go the extra mile for us and help keep our vehicle utilisation up."

"Having all the trucks on 24 hour VAS cover takes the onus away from our own transport office, particularly for out of hours breakdowns. We wouldn't do it any other way now."

If I Had a Workshop I

Donald MacRitchie, MacRitchie Highland Distribution

MacRitchie Highland Distribution operate 12 trucks including 7 Volvo's (6 FH tractor units and 1 FM9 4x2 curtainsider). 

MacRitchie operate across Europe as well as the UK and have their whole fleet on repair and maintenance contracts with the local Volvo Dealer. For them placing their trucks on contract means never going back to organising the maintenance schedule themselves.