There's no time for downtime

"With fully detailed information on vehicle performance, operational control has improved with an overall gain of 8% - 10% in efficiency.  That doesn't just mean better fuel performance; it also helps us manage our downtime in the most effective way - and that's a real benefit."

Following a detailed evaluation into the potential cost savings to be made with the introduction of Dynafleet, Volvo's telematics system, Martin Brown reported that prior to inception of Dynafleet Taylor Transport Ltd's average fuel consumption was 7.3mpg; now his fleet's average fuel consumption is 8.35mpg.  As a consequence, he is saving 1250 gallons of fuel per annum, resulting in a cost saving of £6,500 per annum. *

* based on average prise per gallon at £5.20

Martin Brown - Taylor Transport Ltd, Perthshire