Contract maintenance helps us avoid unpleasant suprises

Why have you chosen a Volvo Gold Contract?

"Milk collection from our direct suppliers is one of the core elements
of our business and it is imperative for both the farmer and the company to have some reassurance that the vehicles will be on the farm, on time, every day. With the support of the Volvo Gold contract our unplanned downtime has reduced and has helped to build confidence in the transport service we supply."

How has contract maintenance improved efficiency?

"Contract maintenance has helped improve our overall efficiencies.
With the support of the local Volvo Dealer, service and inspection intervals have been measured and easily met. This has assisted in
preventive maintenance and, with some responsibility falling on the
local Dealer, it encourages a team approach between the manufacturer and the operator to ensure the vehicles remain compliant."

How else do you work with Volvo on improving fuel efficiency of the trucks?

"During the order process it was imperative that the vehicle specification was right for the job in hand. Collecting milk from farms is a tough job, so close consultation with Volvo and Sayers Road Tankers ensured the choice of the right chassis configuration, transmission, axle configuration and drive-axle ratio, which are all extremely important. Additional running to drive PTO systems means that, over two shifts, some vehicles will be out working for 22 out of 24 hours. It was important for us to have some transparency and be able to monitor fuel usage at different points and applications. Dynafleet has enabled us to clearly see and manage our fuel usage and, with the support of the driver development programme through
Volvo Trucks, we have continued to drive efficiencies into our operation," Chris Swain says.

Chris Swain, Operations Manager, Primary Milk Haulage, Dairy Crest Limited, Davidstow, Cornwall

Dairy Crest Limited is one of the major manufacturers within the dairy industry and processes over 2 billion litres of milk a year. This is used not only as people's daily pinta' but also for cheese, butter, spreads, yogurt and flavoured milk. The company operates around 2,000 heavy trucks with 60 Volvo's on Gold Contracts to ensure the highest levels of service and maintenance.