You can still become a better driver

Why are Stobart Group doing driver development training?

"It is absolutely paramount that all our drivers should know how to get the best out of their vehicles. That's why all our driver trainers, including myself, have been through Volvo's 2-day Eco-Driving Course, both the I-Shift and the manual components. This is despite the fact that our Volvo fleet will be 100% on I-Shift by September 2008. We feel that way, it is possible for the trainers to evaluate the benefits of the I-Shift gearbox in a back to back driving situation," says Neale.

Tell us about the driver training.

"So far, we've put 30 to 40 Driver Trainers and Lead Drivers hrough
the Eco-Driving Course at Volvo Truck's HQ at Warwick. They are
delivering the training to the drivers on the fleet and they have welcomed it. The driver trainers try to put the driver at ease and help them to incorporate best practice, planning and anticipation into their driving. It helps them understand what their vehicle can and can't do," Neale explains.

What was the response from the drivers?

"In our experience 80% of drivers return improved fuel economy with I-Shift and that figure is getting better. Green or eco driving means fuel efficient driving and cutting down on the amount of fossil fuels we're using and our emissions. Furthermore, training is also helping driver retention," reports Neale.

Neale Burdon, Resource and Training Manager, Stobart Group

Stobart Group is one of the UK's best known logistics company with a fleet of over 1,000 trucks and around 1,500 drivers. Improving fuel economy and reducing its carbon footprint is high on the company's agenda. It has been actively involved with Volvo Trucks Driver Development programme since 2006. Neale Burdon is the company's Resource and Training Manager with responsibility for driver training. Stobart Group driver trainers are DSA registered and have the NVQ A1 Assessor Driving Goods Vehicles quualification.