Dynafleet shows that our fuel consumption is down by 7-8 per cent

When did you start working with Dynafleet?

"We have invested in the Perform & Locate Dynafleet package, which has been installed in 20 Volvo trucks since February. We are working with the Volvo Truck and Bus Centre Scotland to implement the full Fuelwatch programme, including upgrades and training, so Dynafleet is being used to monitor and analyse our fuel performance," says Andrew Malcolm.

Which Dynafleet Online features are you finding the most useful?

"Naturally, we use Dynafleet for mapping and routing and liaising with the drivers. In terms of Fuelwatch, we chose to look at a couple of variables at a time, based on the key techniques from the
driver training. We are currently monitoring idle times and cruise
control usage. The next phase will be engine loads, coasting and gear shifting. We are running this as a competition - each day the drivers in Linwood compare their results when they return to the depot. Some drivers were a bit suspicious of having another 'spy in the cab' but most are conscientious and want to do their jobs well, so they have been very positive."

What have the results been?

"The early results have been very encouraging. We are seeing 7-8 per cent reductions in fuel consumption, but the challenge is to sustain this. We have employed fulltime supervisors to turn the figures into reality. They will monitor the results and communicate with drivers and driver trainers. These days, we operators have to keep our costs tight and Dynafleet Online enables us to monitor the key focus areas for cutting fuel costs," he concludes.

Andrew Malcolm, Group CEO, WH Malcolm, Linwood, Scotland

WH Malcolm provides integrated logistics solutions to a wide range of customers, incorporating warehousing services, road and rail distribution and supply chain management. The company has 2,000 employees, depots throughout the United Kingdom and 500 trucks, including 200 Volvo trucks, both FH and FM models.