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The best investment in drivers’ professional competence

Volvo Trucks offer a comprehensive programme of driver training courseswhich comply with the latest EU directive on advanced education of professional truck drivers. By completing these courses your drivers will experience invaluable benefits including safer driving, lower fuel costs and a reduction in your environmental impact..

The content of these courses, if applied correctly, can result in a 5 to 10% reduction in fuel consumption. Volvo Trucks Driver Development represents a profitable investment in drivers’ professional competence and can make a real difference to your bottom line.

84 hours of advanced training

The EU directive requires 35 hours of advanced training over a five-year period, which results in the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

Volvo Trucks Driver Development gives your drivers the opportunity to meet this requirement with a choice of over 84 hours of invaluable driving experience.

Each programme takes into account your driver’s individual working environment and covers a wide range of topics including efficient driving, health, safety, legislation and regulations. The key benefits of the advanced training include fuel saving potential, reduction in your environmental impact, improving the driver’s ability to drive safely and increasing the driver’s awareness of risks at work and how to avoid them.

Volvo Trucks Driver Development –
for professional drivers

Volvo trucks are renowned for their quality and reliability, they perform at their best in the hands of competent, professional drivers. This is why it is natural for Volvo Trucks to offer professional driver development.

Training is led by qualified instructors with extensive experience of the truck and transport industry, who can provide high quality driver training with a focus on safety and care for the environment.

When should your drivers start
their training?

Drivers have five years to complete the specified training modules. However, our advice is don’t delay. You’ve already made a sound investment by choosing Volvo and ensuring that your drivers are fully trained and compliant is further commitment to them.

In addition to the required CPC courses, there are a range of programmes that can be tailored around your drivers and vehicles - maximising your investment and guaranteeing that your drivers are the most efficient and safest drivers possible.

Selecting the right training course

The entire training programme can be customised to meet your company’s needs. We can provide training at our dedicated centre at Volvo Trucks headquarters in Warwick, at your local dealer or at any given location via our mobile training unit (Additional costs may be incurred).

The courses combine theory and practical exercises and are based on the driver’s everyday working life.