Solutions for a better business

Solutions for a better business

Dynafleet has been developed with the purpose of supplying you with correct and updated information exactly when you want it. And by doing so, the system helps you solve several problems listed below.

Control over fuel costs

Control over fuel costs: Fuel Efficiency Reports provides all the details you need on current fuel consumption and trends. This simplifies initiating the changes in driver behaviour required to save fuel – and to follow up on progress over time.
Enhanced driver productivity

Enhanced driver productivity: All driver activities are logged and shown. How long before a break is needed? Can the driver take on this new assignment within his work shift? All this is calculated and clearly presented for you, which allows you take full advantage of every minute.
Identifying free capacity

Identifying free capacity:
Dynafleet can list the vehicles best suited for a new assignment. Factors such as geographic position, remaining work time and speed limits are all weighed in to support you in making the optimal decision.

Vehicle and driver tracking

Vehicle and driver tracking:
Vehicle usage is exactly presented in the reports. How much braking does a driver do? Or idling? When comparing two drivers using the same truck, considerable differences can sometimes be seen. Dynafleet helps you correct these, which reduces wear and tear on your vehicle while enhancing the style of driving.

Meeting driver regulations

Meeting driver regulations:
Driver times can be complicated. But not with Dynafleet. The fleet management system helps you keep track of all driver activities – past and present. An alert, both at the office and in the truck, is issued if a driver comes close to exceeding the permitted working limit.

Reduced office work

Reduced office work:
Dynafleet automatically handles much of the work that before was done manually, like for example downloads of tachograph data and analysing multiple vehicle parameters. This reduces a lot of administration and frees time for other tasks.

Seeing environmental impact

Seeing environmental impact:
The environmental reports let you follow your fleets’ CO2–emissions in detail. If requested, the reports can be sent automatically to your customers. This helps you take a proactive approach while saving time analysing information.