Keeping wheels turning

With Volvo Trucks as your business partner, an extended Gold Service Contract and a proactive approach to maintenance, new standards in truck availability are being set.

New truck connectivity and a well-developed dealer network secure excellent uptime.
Improved Gold Service Contract

The new Volvo FE is now available with an improved Gold Service Contract. With this contract, your truck's vital systems are remotely connected to your Volvo workshop and from there, these can be monitored, ensuring that service is carried out only when needed. This proactive approach also ensures small problems can be identified before they become major issues and allows for maintenance and repairs to be carried out when the truck is not scheduled to be in use. This new connectivity maximises vehicle accessibility and allows you to run more efficient transport and distribution operations.

A truck should be on the road, doing its job – with the support of your Volvo Trucks dealer, this is easier than ever.

Simpler cost overview

Together with your Volvo Trucks dealer, you can create a unique service schedule for your truck based on individual business requirements and with a fixed monthly fee. By doing so, costs can be more easily monitored and administration simplified.

Boosting uptime

Supporting every one of our service contracts, drivers, owners and fleet managers enjoy access to a broad, well-developed dealer network. You can also be sure that only Genuine Volvo Parts are used in the course of any maintenance work. Furthermore, your truck will always be in the hands of skilled, experienced Volvo technicians.

A powerful package

A high quality vehicle and problem-free ownership is a powerful package and a defining factor for commercial success. Why not let us make sure this is your commercial success?