“It’s like having a virtual technician onboard.’’

The new Volvo FH makes it possible to increase uptime more than ever before. On-board technology lets the workshop carry out an inspection of vital parts while the truck is on the road. This means that maintenance can be planned according to when it’s actually needed.

This piece of world news is made possible by Telematics Gateway, the communication unit in the Volvo FH that keeps the truck, driver and operator one step ahead in various situations. For maintenance based on real needs, it sends a report to the workshop so the technician can see the status of vital parts, such as the brake pads, clutch, battery and air dryer.

‘‘If these are in better condition than expected the workshop can adjust the service plan so the vehicle gets its service when it actually needs it,’’ says Christian Gustavsson, in charge of Volvo Trucks service.

Volvo Gold Contract

A golden service

As part of the new Volvo Gold Contract offer, this allows customers to forget about the service plan and let the workshop take care of it. The technician keeps track of the truck’s mileage, how quickly parts are wearing and adjusts the service plan accordingly – and calls you for maintenance when the truck needs it.

‘‘Being able to inspect the wear remotely means you don’t have to visit the workshop too often – and you get the service done before it’s too late,’’ says Christian Gustavsson.

Truck-unique maintenance

The fact that there are so many things that need to be serviced on a truck means that this reality-based approach has an important effect on uptime and operator profitability. ‘‘The transport operator gets more effective use out of the truck – and more ton-kilometres,’’ says Christian Gustavsson.

And in the event of a breakdown, the on-board communication unit and VAS On Call button allow Volvo to send the right technical resources to get the truck back on the road. “There’s no point in denying it – breakdowns cannot be avoided altogether. But what we can do is make it easier to get help when they occur,” says Christian Gustavsson.

Push button for help

When the driver pushes the button, a telephone call is automatically connected and data is sent to a call centre (in designated countries). The operator sees the location of the vehicle and its diagnostic trouble codes. All the driver needs to do is confirm what has happened.

“Instantly this gives us a better overview of the situation – so we can get the right assistance out to the vehicle, giving you peace of mind that help is on its way,” adds Christian Gustavsson, rounding up. ‘‘It’s like having a virtual technician on-board.’’