Volvo FH Chassis safety

Volvo FH

Long distance demands a truck that will go the distance. Volvo FH is that truck.

Gross Combination Weight:
18 - 120 tonnes

400, 440, 480, 500, 520

Day cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL

Advanced Safety Systems

Stay in the right lane

Lane keeping support LKS option monitors the truck's
position on the road and reduces the risk of accidentally driving off the road. The main application area is in long haul operations on motorways when the truck is driving at a steady speed in monotonous environments. The LKS video system comes to the driver's aid when he shows signs of distraction, tiredness or lack of concentration.

Lane changing support

The Lane Changing Support (LCS) - keeps an eye on the blind spot on the passenger side that the rear view mirrors cannot cover. When the driver operates the indicator to change lanes, the LCS system's radar unit first checks whether there is a vehicle in the blind spot. If there is, the driver is alerted via a light signal.

Driver alert support

Driver alert support DAS option monitors parameters such as steering wheel and pedal movements. A video camera on the inside of the windscreen reads off the road's centre and edge markings and an on-board computer compares the driver's steering wheel movements with the road markings. As the driver starts to tire, the system detects changes in driver control via the steering pattern and DAS alerts the driver both via an acoustic signal and by flashing an indication in the driver information display. This option is only available with LKS. 

Adaptive cruise control that maintains a steady distance

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC option is an active cruise control system that makes it easy to blend into the traffic flow and keep a constant safe distance behind the vehicle in front. The radar-based ACC maintains a constant distance between the vehicle in front through automatic operation of the accelerator and brakes. The radar sensor is entirely new and has improved detection capabilities.

Electronically controlled fast brakes

Volvo's EBS electronically controlled disc brakes are characterised by high braking effect combined with heat-resistant disc installation. Electronic control provides an extremely fast response and short braking distance. The EBS brake system is enhanced with the standard Medium package that includes the "Hill Hold" function and the optional High package that features an electronic stability program ESP.

Brake stabilisation forgives the driver

The Electronic Stability Program is included in EBS High for all disc braked tractors and is now available on 6×2 tag axle air suspended rigids. The system permits more uniform braking with the possibility of redistribution of braking forces between the axles and wheels when required in severe conditions, it also provides roll over protection.