Volvo FH Driveline gearbox

Volvo FH

Long distance demands a truck that will go the distance. Volvo FH is that truck.

Gross Combination Weight:
18 - 120 tonnes

400, 440, 480, 500, 520

Day cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL


I-Shift to match long hauler
A durable long-haul truck like the Volvo FH requires a transmission to suit. One that is convenient for the driver and fuel efficient on fast long distance runs. The I-Shift automated gearbox provides a previously unattainable level of driveability even at 80 tonnes transportations and beyond.

New I-Shift with further developed software
A refinement of our highly appreciated gearbox, I-shift has now been upgraded to match the increased performance of the new engine range... The gearchanging programs are tailored to the specific conditions of each operation. Enhanced I-Roll offers further fuel savings.

Manual gearboxes

Volvo's manual gearboxes are available in a 14-speed splitter and ### 9-speed ### range-change version. As the gearboxes have cable operation they are convenient to operate and benefit from low levels of noise and vibration.


Powertronic, the fully automatic 6-speed planetary transmission is intended for construction and distribution duties. With good starting and driving properties it has two operating modes - Ecomony and Performance, as well as manual gearchanging. The gearchange is smooth and without any disruption in power delivery. The built-in torque converter boosts torque and guarantees smooth and secure starts even in difficult conditions.In the new Powertronic, the control system and gearchange programs have been further refined, at the same time as the transmission benefits from considerably longer oil-change intervals.