Volvo FH16

The heavy weight champion of long distance haulage.

Gross Combination Weight:
18 - 120 tonnes. Up to 200 tonnes for special heavy haulage applications.

D16G: 540, 600, 700, 750 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL
Volvo FH16 Sleeper Cab

Sleeper Cab

Quiet and well-insulated and offers comfortable overnight accommodation. Generous sleeping space for the driver. The interior has undergone a major update. Even though interior space for the driver has increased, so too has storage capacity increased by 14 litres.

Interior Height: 157 cm, 140 cm above the
engine tunnel.


  • Storage space is provided in abundance, with storage compartments, document pockets, cup holders etc
  • A refrigerator can be fitted under the bed

Overnight accommodation

Comfortable sleeping bunk for one person - 70 x 200cm with a 76cm wide middle section. There is the choice of the Comfort or the new Recline bunk with adjustable backrest.