I-Sync – automated simplicity.

With the Volvo FL’s automated 6-gear I-Sync transmission you’ll be able to experience an even easier way of getting things done. The I-Sync provides you with the luxury of operating your gearchanges with no clutch pedal necessary. That makes that inner city traffic, with the frequent starts and stops a walk in the park. Tailored for inner city distribution, optimised for your comfort.

I-Sync lever

Choose between automatic and manual.

By using the lever behind the steering wheel, the driver can opt between automatic or manual gearchanges. The same lever is used for the manual gearchanges. One lever – one point of gear control and no pedals or clutches necessary. Prepare for an easier, more comfortable, efficient and safer ride.

I-Sync transmission

Constructed for power.

The I-Sync transmission has been designed for a torque of up to 1,050 Nm, making it ideal for trucks in the distribution segment. All the gears are changed electro-hydraulically, ensuring a smooth operation.

Lower your costs.

Lowering your costs.

The optimised gearchanging also means that fuel consumption is kept at a low level. And the same goes for emissions of climate-impacting carbon dioxide and other substances. Additionally, costs for maintenance and repair can be significantly reduced as a result of lower wear to, for example, the clutch. The service intervals are identical to that of the manual gearboxes and the oil change interval is up to 300,000 kilometres.

Easy to operate when changing trucks

Easy to operate

The I-Sync and the I-Sync software has been specially developed for the needs of local city distribution. Here, a driver might face the challenge of driving a different truck every day. The I-Sync operation is easy and intuitive and is quickly mastered by the driver, making it easy for him or her to do the job in an effective and safe way.

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