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SAVE ££s by upgrading your digital tacho to version 1.4

by Crossroads Truck & Bus Ltd

Upgrading your current digital tachograph to the new 1.4 version can enable you to save hours drive time on a weekly basis, improving business profits

Current tachographs count 5 seconds or over drive time as 1 minute. Now however, the 1.4 version enables the last minute of an activity to be rounded down when it's under 30 seconds.

Hard to get your head around? In simple terms, one of our customers compared his new digital 1.4 tachograph to another driver's with the standard digital tacho in the same traffic jam. 20 minutes of drive time on the standard tacho was added, but the 1.4 version showed no increase in drive time.

For only £540 ex VAT for a Genuine Volvo upgrade (can also fit for non-Volvo vehicles, contact local dealer for information) the pay back on investment can be astonishing no matter how small or large your fleet. For more information and to find out how much drive time and profits you can save specifically to you, contact your local dealer now.

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