History of Stuarts - Stuarts History : Stuarts Truck And Bus

How it all began..........

The family business, that started transporting cattle in 1946, when Mr Alf Stuart bought a second hand Dodge.  In 1949 Alf bought his first new truck, an Austin Loadstar, for £850. Not an easy sum to find in those early days and Alf quotes "I could hardly stop my hands shaking enough to sign the cheque."  Alf is pictured above with sons Roy and Ross sitting on the bonnet and wing respectively.   This vehicle was fitted with a 20MPH speed limiter, but unfortunatly this device 'fell off' during very early operation and was never refitted!

The business expanded with Roy and Ross joining after leaving school. In 1968 they bought a new Volvo F88, one of the first in the country.  They used this F88 to pull the first double deck articulated cattle transporter in Great Britain, which was designed by the Stuarts.

Stuart's cattle business expanded forcing them to build a new workshop and cattle lairage which was able to accommodate 1,000 cattle.  They sited this near the then proposed M5 Exeter Junction.

In 1977 they expanded again this time becoming Stuart's Commercials 'the official Volvo Truck Dealer for Devon'.  The business flourished under the guidance of Ross Stuart. 

In 1990 Roy's son Troy joined the partnership. Later the workshop was extended by another five bays and more personnel were employed.

In 2004 Stuart's were given the opportunity to take over the Volvo Dealerships at Saltash and Redruth in Cornwall.  This done, they went about building a new workshop in Plymouth to relocate the Saltash depot, and carried out improvements at the Redruth depot.