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No matter whether you have five or five hundred trucks, you will benefit from Dynafleet.

However, the demands naturally differ depending on the type and size of operation. That is why Dynafleet consists of four cornerstones.  You can choose one or combine several to suit your needs.

All four cornerstones can be integrated with your office's existing administrative systems.  Here are a few examples of the benefits you can reap from each.

Fuel & Environment

The perfect tool in the quest for lower fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact. The system offers detailed reports that make it easy to chart potential improvements and follow up the results.

Many customers use Dynafleet as a tool for analysis in combination with driver training in fuel-efficient and eco-driving techniques.

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Positioning makes it easier to plan transport assignments and carry them out in the most efficient way possible. Detailed maps give you full control whatever the situation.

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Driver times

With Driver Times, you gain an overview of how the drivers spend their working day, facilitating both transport planning and administration.

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Messaging functions in the same way as email and makes it possible to send text messages between the office and trucks. It is simple, quick and cost-effective.

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In addition to the necessary hardware, each starting package also includes:
  • GPRS-SIM card for unlimited communication between vehicle and office throughout Europe
  • Dynafleet online registration
  • Dynafleet learning
  • Web-based driver training
  • Dynafleet support from Volvo Action Service

dynafleet cornerstones - fuel and management, positioning, driver times, messaging