How it works - Transport information system - Dynafleet : Stuarts Truck And Bus

Here's how it works

Dynafleet is Web-based. This means that you always have full control over your operations no matter where in the world you happen to be.

At the office, all you need is a regular PC with an Internet link.

A powerful hardware unit is installed inside the vehicle together with a combined GPS/GSM antenna. Depending on which package solution you choose, a display screen and keyboard may also be included. The equipment can be connected to a palmtop, laptop or barcode reader, for instance, and is approved for ADR vehicles. The software is updated remotely. The driver can also have access to the Internet on board.

The office and driver can at all times communicate with each other via text messages. Information about the vehicle and driver is sent to Dynafleet's database where it is analysed and presented to you in clear text in the form of various reports.

How to get started - step by step
1. Your local Volvo dealer will install the unit in your truck.

2. You register as a user on the Dynafleet Internet site and specify:

  • which services are to be used
  • all the Dynafleet-equipped trucks
  • the staff who will be using Dynafleet.

3. Congratulations. You are now ready to start using Dynafleet.

Take a closer look at the functions: