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North America

Volvo VAH at night

Maximum payload, optimized efficiency, and premium features are all standard.
Load capacity varies from nine to 11 vehicles each time, depending on the cab specification.



D11: 355–405 hp

D13: 375–500 hp


VAH 200: Day Cab, Mid-length Hood

VAH 430: 42” Flat-Roof Sleeper, Mid-length Hood

VAH 630: 61” Flat-roof sleeper w/partial or full roof modification, Mid-length hood

See the truck in action



Volvo VAH carrying cars

Deep-drop front axles

Low ride height gives much greater flexibility when you're using this truck as an auto-hauler.

Volvo VAH riding on air

Riding on air

Volvo Air Ride rear suspension gives low overall height and high levels of riding comfort.

Front view of the Volvo VAH

Reduced-height cab

Featuring a day cab, 42” sleeper or a 61” sleeper with a full-sized bunk. There's storage space galore, as well as the opportunity to kit cabs out with home comforts.