Volvo truck, VT880, VT830 and VT800 - 2005

VT880, VT830 and VT800 - 2005

In the beginning of 2005, Volvo introduced its most powerful North American truck model ever: the VT880. The new premium truck was mainly intended for the most demanding customers, like Owner Operators who live in their trucks for long periods of time and who demand performance which minimize the transport time through a very high average speed, even in hilly landscapes and with fully loaded vehicles.

The VT880 were based on the same chassis and cab components as the Volvo 780, which was previously the most spacious and ergonomic truck ever built by Volvo. But the front design, with an impressive bonnet which combines good aerodynamics with a grille which provides very good airflow for the radiator, in order to give good cooling abilities for the very powerful engine.

A spacious sleeper cab
Initially, Volvo launched the VT880, with a very spacious sleeper cab giving enough interior space for the driver and his co-driver, as well as an office option during transport operations spanning several days or weeks. Later, complimentary versions of the VT truck range were presented:  the VT800, featuring a daycab for demanding transport tasks where overnight accommodations not needed, and the VT830, with a lower sleeper cab, contributing to good aerodynamics while still preserving good driver´s (and sleeping) environments.

The VT trucks featured (for the first time in a Volvo truck in North America) the powerful 16-litre engine, the same as in Volvo´s premium European truck; the FH16. This power option combines very high performance with the prestige of Volvo´s premium truck engine.

The VT is exclusive intended for highway operation, as a three-axle 6x4 tractor for semitrailers.