The new Volvo FL

Volvo FL – wherever, whenever

Agile, efficient and easy to drive. You can now enjoy the benefits of the smallest Volvo truck for a wider range of applications. With the 4-cylinder engine, it’s perfect for light-weight urban transports, while the all-new 4×4 version lets you leave the city streets behind.
The new 12-tonne Volvo FL 

From 10 to 18 tonnes

With up to 240 horsepower, the 4-cylinder D5K engine is the strongest in its class. It’s now available for gross weights of 10, 12, 14 and 16 tonnes. This means you can always find a Volvo FL that’s perfectly matched to your needs. Choosing the D5K engine, you get a truck that’s 200–500 kg lighter than with a comparable 6-cylinder engine. For additional performance, opt for the powerful D8K, producing up to 280 hp and 1050 Nm.

Volvo FL 4x4

4×4 for rough road conditions

Volvo FL can now be ordered with four-wheel drive (4×4), providing all the additional traction and ground clearance you need to handle rougher conditions such as pitted gravel roads. Perfect as a service truck or a special-purpose vehicle for municipal services.


The D5K engine for the new Volvo FL

Fuel-efficient. Torque-strong.
And Euro 6.

The strict European exhaust standards for diesel engines are set to regulate the amount of pollutants. The latest update, the Euro 6 standard, demands a severe reduction compared with its predecessor, Euro 5, sometimes by as much as 75%. Both engines available for the Volvo FL range – the D5K and the D8K – have been meticulously constructed to comply with Euro 6 – without losing power or torque or increasing fuel consumption. A win-win situation. For the drivers as well as for the environment.

The new distinctive Volvo FL front 

First-rate design and Volvo safety.

The new Volvo FL’s front, with the distinctive LED v-lights and the tell-tale iron mark, signals quality and makes the truck an unmistakeable part of the Volvo Trucks family. The reinforced cab and increased security measures for the driver – such as the reinforced seats and seat anchoring, and the front and rear underrun protection system – are representative of the Volvo safety commitment.

Easier ownership with Volvo services

An easier ownership with
Volvo services.

With Volvo’s aftermarket support services you’ll always be able to benefit from the best commercial alternatives possible, no matter the size of your operation. Services such as the Fuel Advice, Volvo Premium Lease or Volvo Insurance will make it easier for you to run your business. With Volvo as your business partner you can concentrate on the things that matter – let us take care of the rest.

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