More power for you
Two engines, the D11C and the D13C are available.  Both are powerful and feature the latest technology, four valves per cylinder and controlled unit injectors.
  • D11C engine: 370, 410 hp
  • D13C engine: 420, 460 hp
  • With SCR, the engines meet Euro 5 norms.
  • High torque within a wide engine speed range
D11C – Fuel efficiency and driveability in focus
The D11C engine is a 10.8 litre, a straight six cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler. Available with a choice of four power outputs: 370 and 410 hp.  All meet the Euro 5 emission standards.

D13C – Pure power

The D13C engine is a 12.8 litre, straight six-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler.  This engine is available with a choice of two power outputs; 420 and 460 hp.  Both meet the Euro 5 emission standards.
Volvo Engine Brake
All Volvo trucks can be equipped with Volvo’s well-renowned engine brake VEB+. Thanks to its intelligent and patented design, it produces up to an impressive 375 kW (with D13C). This translates into increased road safety and reduced wear on the wheel brakes.