Volvo Factory

Facilities & Locations

Australian Built for New Zealand Conditions


Established in 1972, the Volvo Truck Production facility located at Wacol, Queensland is the largest assembly plant for heavy duty trucks in Australia. The factory has an annual maximum capacity of approximately 3000 vehicles. As at the end of 2006, more than 33,000 Volvo trucks had been built at the Wacol facility. The factory employs close to 500 people with the site covering 7.4 hectares. Every inch of this land is used to ensure optimum vehicle production with 33,000 sqm used for assembly, 9000 sqm used for warehousing, 5000 sqm allocated to offices and 15,000 sqm designated to the truck yarding area.

The Volvo Truck Production facility is highly progressive in their manufacturing practices with a special Lean Project established to further improve product quality and assembly time. The facility is also highly invested in a proactive approach to environmental care.

Trucks for New Zealand customers are custom built for our roads & unique operation conditions