Volvo Action Service

When you stop we start

Action Service Network offers round-the-clock vehicle repair support.  One phone call from anywhere in New Zealand and skilled Volvo technicians will be on their way. 

Thanks to our effective contact network of 18 Volvo dealers throughout New Zealand, Action Service Network provides support for virtually any situation and for any make of truck or bus.

Action Service Network is based on Volvo's international customer support organisation, dedicated to giving the customers maximum uptime in the most cost effective way

Support is always available via a 24 hour seven day a week call centre (0800 802 273).  The call centre will take your call and connect you with the nearest support service staff member while you are on the line.

Highly Trained Staff
The skill levels of all staff are maintained by our continuous training.  This ensures that technicians at Action Service Network are considerably more skilled in Volvo technology than any non-franchised service operators.  Special facilities, tooling, and customer service expertise required by the Volvo Dealer Operating Standards means vehicles and equipment are rapidly restored to working condition with minimal time delay and the least amount of fuss.