Volvo Gold Service Agreement

The standard preventive maintenance and vehicle repair package includes:

  • Regular preventive maintenance that keeps your truck in excellent running order.  This includes chassis lubrication, oil/filter changes, basic and annual services.
  • Regular checks of electronic functions and updates of necessary software.
  • An annual safety inspection.
  • A resale package consisting of full service history documentation, to provide verification of all services completed during the agreement period.
  • Repairs to driveline components.
  • Repairs to all other truck components.
  • Coverage up to five years or one million kilometres.



  • Replacement of bulbs, fuses and wiper blades.
  • Checking and topping up oil and coolant levels between scheduled services.
  • Maintenance of additional equipment: e.g. tail lift, PTO, trailer coupling, fifth wheel and truck superstructure.
  • Delivery and collection of your vehicle.
  • Dynafleet telematics system.

The Volvo Gold Service Agreement is a comprehensive maintenance program formulated by the vehicle manufacturer.  The program is designed to minimise maintenance costs and maximise return on your investment.