Volvo FH

The new leader in long haul. For unparalleled driver comfort and operating economy.

Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13C: 460, 500, 540 hp
D16G: 600, 700 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter XL cab

The new Volvo Gold Contract.

For every transport operator, uptime is crucial. That's why a Volvo is built to last, and to spare you unpleasant surprises on the roads.

With the new Volvo Gold Contract, we take this one step further.

This is possible thanks to the new telematics gateway (TGW), allowing the workshop remote access to the truck.

The TGW also brings the all-new VAS On Call.
New Volvo Gold Contract
  Preventive maintenance
New Service Planning
Features Online
Uptime Assurance

New service planning for Volvo FH

New Service Planning. One step ahead.

Thanks to the telematics gateway, the workshop can access information such as engine data, mileage, fuel consumption, active fault codes, driving conditions and status of crucial components brake pads, clutch, battery etc. That means we can alert you in time, before you risk an unplanned stop. But most importantly, we can be perfectly prepare when you enter the workshop. So you’ll be back on the road before you know it. 

Features Online for Volvo FH

Features Online. Your wireless technician.

Some things shouldn’t require a workshop visit. And now they don’t. With Features Online, a service technician can access your vehicle remotely to calibrate displayed fuel consumption, fuel tank size (if you’ve fitted extra tanks) and your preferred speed limit. It’s even possible to enable the load indicator function from a distance. All you have to do is stop at the roadside for a short while. Service has never been quicker. 

Volvo Action Service button

Need help? Just push the button.

An unplanned stop in the middle of nowhere? Volvo Action Service is just a button push away. VAS On Call automatically connects you to an operator. And once connected, service is fast and accurate, because they already know your chassis ID, location and possible fault codes. 

Volvo trucks service network

66 workshops – ready to help you anywhere.

As a Volvo customer, you have access to our comprehensive service network, where highly-trained personnel stand ready to assist you. In Australia, we have 66 workshops spread across the country. So even if you're far from home, you're never far from help. 

Find your closest workshop here.