Anti Skid and Roll Over Training - Volvo FL Trucks

Anti Skid and Roll-Over

Professional drivers know too well the consequences of careless driving. Many accidents are caused by lack of knowledge and experience on how to react when faced with unexpected changes in driving situations.

This one day course is designed to make your drivers feel even safer behind the wheel and gives them extra confidence knowing they are trained to handle the vehicle and its load in the correct manner.

This course is essential for new LGV drivers and an excellent refresher for existing professional drivers. The programme specialises in emergency avoidance techniques for ‘rollovers’, ‘jack-knifing’ and demonstrates the importance of correct emergency braking techniques with, and without, the use of ABS/EBS.

Volvo is a leader in safety technology and is perfectly placed to give you the best of our experience. Throughout this one day programme you will take part in practical skill exercises.


  • Increased safety and a lower risk of injury
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Lower costs for damaged or lost goods and vehicle damage

Course Content

  • Introduction to ABS/EBS Braking
  • Anti skid theory
  • Anti roll-over theory
  • Practical anti skid exercises
  • Practical anti roll-over exercises

Course Details

Course Name: Anti Skid and Roll Over
Course Reference: CRS 0780
Course Length: 1 day
CPC Hours: 7 hours
Training Method: Classroom/Truck
Course Cost: £400.00 per person

Important: All delegates participating in this training event will be expected to
produce the relevant C+E licence before being allowed to drive our vehicles.