Digital Techograph training course - Volvo Trucks

Digital Tachograph

Reducing the number of accidents caused by tired and overworked drivers is an important step in maximising driver efficiency and performance. The introduction of digital tachographs and smart card technology has streamlined the flow of recordable data and also reduced the number of drivers illegally working over the EU working time directive.

Understanding digital tachographs and the supplied data can be time consuming. This one day course will help clarify and explain the various aspects involved and work your drivers through the process to ensure they know how the digital system works and what the legal requirements are. The course is a mix of practical skills and knowledge necessary for the day to day operation of a digital tachograph.


  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Increased safety and a lower risk of injury

Course Content

  • The main components and controls
  • Explanation and use of tachograph cards and UTC
  • Explanation and use of tachograph symbols and printouts
  • Downloading data
  • Practical tasks and course evaluation

Course Details

Course Name: Digital Tachograph
Course Reference: CRS 0844
Course Length: 1 day
CPC Hours: 7 hours
Training Method: Classroom
Course Cost: £150.00 per person