Transport Security - Volvo Driver Tarining Course

Secure Transports

Designed to protect your drivers and to ensure  their safe working environment, this course covers areas such as distributing cargo correctly, securing cargo and helping to prevent situations that present a risk to both the driver and the vehicle.

Volvo Trucks are keen to eliminate such instances and work with local authorities to put in place preventative measures and systems to ensure the ongoing safety of the drivers, vehicles and their contents.

The aim of the course is to help drivers reduce the risk of accidents resulting from incorrectly positioned and badly secured loads. It explores the forces which affect a moving vehicle, the use of different types of equipment for securing loads and the use of tools for handling goods, together with the regulations for securing loads.

As part of this course drivers will also be made aware of potential security threats and how to protect themselves and their vehicles in these situations.


  • Safer cargo handling
  • Safer driving with a cargo
  • Increased driver security
  • Increased transport security
  • Lower costs for damaged or lost goods and vehicle damage

Course Content

  • Cargo handling
  • How to secure cargo
    • Factors influencing load security
    • Consequences of poor load security
    • Basic Principles – sliding, friction, tipping & wandering
    • Securing Methods – lashing, blocking and chocking
    • Payload and load distribution
    • Forces acting on the load
  • Introduction to equipment used for securing cargo
  • Liabilities – legislation and responsibilities
  • Crime prevention techniques

Course Details

Course Name: Transport Security
Course Reference: CRS 0782
Course Length: 1 day
CPC Hours: 7 hours
Training Method: Classroom
Course Cost: £150.00 per person