Train the Trainer: Manual/I-Shift Fuel Economy - Volvo Trucks

Train the Trainer: Manual/I-Shift Fuel Economy

Volvo Trucks want to make sure that you get the best training possible and realise that from time to time even your trainers need to be assessed and evaluated to deliver a range of programmes that make a real impact to your business and operational efficiency. If your drivers are seeking that competitive advantage then this course is must for your driver trainers.

This is a two day event is designed for two people who would be expected to deliver the training to their colleagues. The typeof person attending should be a driver trainer or lead driver. The main aim of the event is to demonstrate how a Volvo truck, when driven efficiently, will reduce fuel consumption and prolong the life of the vehicle.


  • Lower costs by ability to run in-house training
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Better utilisation of the vehicle
  • Lower fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Increased safety and a lower risk of injury
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Defensive driving ability

Course Content

  • A thorough vehicle walk round covering all the product features and benefits from a drivers point of view
  • I-Shift or Manual transmission training*
  • An assessment drive to determine the delegates driving skills
  • A presentation and discussion on the theories behind fuel economy
  • A second drive to enable the delegate to practice new driving techniques
  • A comparison of the fuel results from the first two drives to demonstrate that the new techniques do save fuel
  • An extended drive on day two which includes more severe driving terrain and a further opportunity to practice the new techniques
    and some defensive driving techniques
  • Each delegate is equipped with training material which includes videos and various training guides

Course Details

Course Name: Train the Trainer Manual Fuel Economy
Course Reference: CRS 0068/0784
Course Name: Train the Trainer I-Shift Fuel Economy
Course Reference: CRS 0069/0784
Course Length: 2 days
CPC Hours: 14 hours
Training Method: Classroom/Truck
Course Cost: £800.00 per person

Important: The driving part of this event is conducted in a fully freighted articulated truck with Digital Tachograph therefore all delegates participating in this training event will be expected to produce the relevant C+E licence & Digital Tachograph Card before being allowed to drive our vehicles.

* Dependent on course chosen