volvo trucks driver challenge

The Driver Challenge 2014

What's the Challenge?

Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge is a way for operators and drivers to learn what good driving behaviours mean and how they impact on the fuel used.

The Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge is a national competition, open to both Volvo Truck and non-Volvo customers but who operate anything from one truck to a fleet of hundreds. A nominated driver from each participating company will go head to head through regional heats and demonstrate how, with improved driving skills, both in the environmental impact and bottom line!

So how does this work?

From February to August 2014, we will be recruiting drivers in the UK and Ireland to take part in the Volvo Trucks' Driver Challenge. Each company involved will have a follow up meeting where they will go through a detailed report of their drivers' performance and how Volvo Trucks can help to improve the performance across the fleet and save money. Following the challenge, the results will be posted on this page where drivers and operators can track their results through the leader board.

The top 6 drivers will be invited to the National Final in Warwick during September where they will compete and spend the day having their performance monitored in both a Volvo FH & FM. Only then will the winning driver go forward to the Global Final in Sweden with a chance to win a Volvo lifetime experience.

Competition Rules:

  1.  All contestants must have a valid C+E driving licence and digital driver card
     1.1 All contestants must use their digital tachograph card during the contest
  2. All contestants must produce evidence of insurance covering the use of the vehicle in the competition
  3. The vehicle must be driven in a secure, safe and professional manner at all times
    3.1 All contestants must follow all applicable road traffic and vehicle legislation and regulations
    3.2 The result will be measured on driver techniques using Volvo analysis from Dynafleet
  4. National Finals - A representative from the participating company plus the winning driver from that company will need to be available for a full weekend day in September 2014 at the Volvo HQ office in Warwick.

All decisions, including penalties and disqualifications, are at the absolute discretion of Volvo Contest Management, whose ruling will be final.

Driver Challenge Scoreboard - last updated: 08.04.2014

Driver/Company Name Ranking 
Paul Sharman - B. A. Transport 
Tommy Walton - Containership 2
John Harrison - Edwin C Farrell 3
Edward Paul Fowell - B&Q 4
David Matt - Huntapak 5
Pawel Pietrzyk - Bacton Transport 6
James Pheonix - Keelings Retails 7
David Johnson - ATL Ltd 8
Steven Watson - Greggs 9
Paul Spencer - Faccenda Group 10
Radaslow Furtak - PTS Greencarrier Ltd 11
Shane Connor - Dixon International 12
Eddie Bespott - Robert Burns Ltd 13
John Walsh - Leatrans 14 
Tony Harris - Fowler Welch 15
Patrik Drtina - PRS Distribution 16
Martin Borrill - WH Barley 17
Fraser Curston - PRS Distribution  18
George Robertson - Devereux Ltd 19
Paul Cooke - Wreford Transport 20
Graham Logan - Farm Foods 21
Michael O Connor 22
Dean Gasser - Goldstar Heathrow 23 
Allan Horner - Morrison Horner Ltd 24 
Martin Ryan - Aidan Doherty Transport 25 
Gavin Murphy - Musgrave Group 26 
Keith Horwood - MRCT Transport 27 
Chris Taylor - Great Bear Distribution 28 
Sebastian Kowalik - Sprint Travel 29 
Michael O Connor - O Rierley Transport 30
Edward Clarke - Searon Logistics 31 
Malcolm Ddick - Limerick Express  32 
Timothy Bar - Allied Mills  33 
Stephen Mitchell - RA & CE Platt  34 
Wayne Thompson - Web Injection Moul 35 
JPG Freight 36 
Joe Jackson - ULS Ltd  37 
Neal Morris - Artisan Press 38 
Martin Marcinowski - Chiltern Cold Storage 39 
Albert Moloney - Crowley Transport 40 
Eric Mcleoud - A.D.Logistics 41 
Ian Howells - Tran International   42 
Gary Kelly - G.K.Kelly  43 
Steve Pyatt - Cooper Buckley  44 
Declan Kenny - Mark Lonergan Trans  45 
Carl Scoular - Sims Worldwide  46