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Dynafleet with three packages solutions

It’s easy to choose exactly the system that would benefit your company. Volvo offers three package solutions that cover different needs and different haulage company sizes
We are happy to help you with advice on which package that will best suit your needs and operating conditions.
Fuel & Environment Positioning Messaging 
The perfect tool in the quest for Lower fuel consumption and reduced Environmental impact. The service offers detailed reports that make it easy to chart potential improvments and follow up the results. Dynafleet has detailed maps that lets you see each truck’s exact location down to street level, allowing you to plan your transport operations in an optimal way. Dynafleet also automatically alerts you when a truck enters a particular geographic area, for instance a terminal. The package adds in a facility for communicating between the office and vehicle via written messages in clear text, in exactly the same way as you use email.
Overview report Geofence crossing Service  plan
Summary report Service  plan Emergency button
Exception report Emergency button Messaging
Fuel & Adblue report Position & Tracking
Environmental report Address lookup
Odometer report Route calculation
Time report Customer online tracking
Milage report
Detailed report
Tracking report
Fuel level change
High Exhaust emission
Service  plan
Emergency button