Volvo Driver Training

Volvo Driver Training

Every transport operator wants to reduce fuel costs, increase productivity and improve safety, but how can you manage all these things?

Using the road

There’s a lot involved in driving a truck safely and efficiently. A good driver looks ahead, plans his actions and uses the road environment to his advantage.

Using the truck’s technology

Volvo trucks offer a wide range of technologically advanced systems to help your drivers stay safe on the road. They also have a host of features that improve fuel efficiency and help reduce wear on the tyres and the truck.

Happy drivers

With experienced drivers in short supply and fewer new drivers entering the industry, retaining drivers is a major priority for many companies. Properly-trained drivers are happy drivers, because they know they’re at the top of their field and are doing a good job.

Benefit from our experience

We’ve been guiding drivers through the Volvo Driver Development Programme for years, so we know which techniques work.

How training makes a difference

Less fuel burned
Drivers who’ve been through our programme use less fuel.

Increased uptime
An informed driver is calm and in control, and as a result, his driving causes less wear and tear.

Safer journeys
Safety has always been one of Volvo’s core values, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to make the roads as safe as possible for all road users.

Reduced emissions
Volvo was one of the first manufacturers to consider the environmental impact of its trucks. We demonstrate to your drivers how best to operate the truck’s engine, not only to reduce fuel consumption, but to improve the efficiency with which the engine burns every precious litre.

Safer Journeys