The Volvo FL is available with a choice of two manual gearboxes, one with 6 gears and the other with 9. The gearboxes are servo-assisted and easy to operate, with a short gear lever. The lever is vibration-free and has a short throw and a very well-defined shift pattern.

You can smoothly and conveniently operate the automatic 6-speed transmission with push-buttons on the instrument panel. The AL306 is easy on the truck and saves fuel since the engine always operates within its optimum rev range. And when starting off the hydraulic torque converter provides considerable pulling power.

The automatic transmission can be specified with all engine variants for the Volvo FL.

I-Sync automated transmission
I-Sync is an automated gearbox offering the possibility of manual gearchanges with no clutch pedal and features six forward ratios with overdrive top. 

Using the lever behind the steering wheel, the driver can choose whether the gearchanges are to be automatic or manual. Manual changes up and down are also selected with this lever. The  gearbox is designed for maximum torque of 1070 Nm. It is dimensioned for rigids in distribution operations and for gross weights of up to 32 tonnes.  All the gears feature synchromesh and the gears are changed electro‑hydraulically.